There's This Amazing Girl And Her Name is Loli!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is a very special girl’s birthday!! Lora was born on August 22, 2014, in New York and now resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As of today, she is five years old. She was born to Bojana and Lambros. She is the middle child to a big sister and little brother and goes by the nickname, Loli. She is amazing in every way and an inspiration to a series of children books: “Loli in Paris” and “Loli in Miami”. She takes swim lessons and participates in gymnastics. She loves the ABC song and Meet Me in The Middle, as well as watching Peppa Pig. Like any child, she loves swimming, going to the park, eating chicken nuggets with ketchup, and vanilla ice cream. Her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite possession is her iPad. When asking her mom what a product or service Loli loves, she stated, “chicken nuggets and ketchup for sure! She can ask for it verbally and loves eating it. She adds ketchup to everything she eats. She loves McDonald's and can say and ask for it.”

She has an amazing personality and is most recognized as being a real comedian. She has a way of making everyone around her laugh. In her spare time, when she is not being a comedian, she loves playing doctor and if you were to ask her, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, she would likely say a doctor. She has a charming personality, loves to sing and dance, and is always smiling! She is genuinely happy, and people find joy in her smiling happy face. Although she has a delay in speech, she does not allow that to slow her down, she loves learning new things and cannot wait to show off what she learns to those around her. She loves her family and is a true daddy’s girl, he is her whole world. She looks forward to weekends because that is when she gets to spend the most time with her family, especially her daddy. Loli is extremely adored and loved by her family and everyone around her. Her family loves her so much and enjoys their time with her, because she is so fun to be around and makes them laugh all the time. When asking her mom what are some things that she wants the world to know about Loli, she said “She is just like any other kid except more fun. She is loving and compassionate, very sweet, smart, and not really different.”

Loli’s parents did not find out they were having a child with Down syndrome (DS) until birth. When they learned their daughter was diagnosed with DS, they were concerned at first, because they did not know too much about DS. However, with Loli’s birth, they learned that children with DS are just like everyone else and not much different than other children. They make it clear, they would not change anything, because Loli has truly changed their lives for the better: she taught them to laugh more and enjoy life more. Their only struggle with having a child with DS is she is more prone to respiratory infections other than that, they do not really have any struggles. They lead a lifestyle of teaching Loli she is the one to set her limits, no one else, and that she can achieve anything! They are so proud of her and all her accomplishments thus far. She has been blessed with reaching her milestones quickly and part of that is attributed to education. Loli’s parents educated themselves about DS and embraced her condition to enable her to reach all her milestones. Everything she learns is an achievement for all of them and that makes her an inspiration to everyone. She is raising the limits and an encouragement to other kids with special needs. Although her parents fear she will never be able to have a normal life, they are confident with the determination she demonstrates at a young age, she will lead a normal life and exceed expectations. Their best advice to a new parent of caregiver of an individual with DS is to understand they are not much different, and they bring so much love and joy! Unconditional love is key and Loli is proof of that with love and understanding, milestones can not only be met, but surpassed!

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